Environmental Commitment

We love Gran Canaria. We respect its environment

Walk in Gran Canaria is a Gran Canaria based project. Our tourist activity is directed towards people who love nature, local culture and rural environments

We are fortunate people who enjoy living in such a wonderful island. We are conscious about how lucky we are living here, and we are aware that we must do our most to preserve the island for the enjoyment of locals and visitors: now and in the future.

Most of our activities take place in untouched nature, and it is our daily challenge to enjoy of it in a total respectful and low-impact way. We have discovered it is possible to enjoy of nature without affecting it’s normal cycle.

Walk in Gran Canaria have a strong commitment with the people living in the rural areas, when it is possible for us, we search providers on the areas were we make our activities. They need our support in order to preserve their way of living.

Once a year, we organize, under the supervision of environmental technicians, a tree plantation where friends and followers join us to plant trees in sensible areas. We try to plant as many trees as people have joined our activities during the year.

Through our social networks we try to promote the admiration, respect and love for our fragile environment, our traditions and all those things that make us unique and that we have the obligation to preserve.

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