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THE 100 VALLEYS’ ISLAND (Agüimes – Tejeda – Agaete)

Accommodation+Airport transfer+Car hire+Hiking+Picnic+Transfers + INFO


THE 100 VALLEYS’ ISLAND (Las Palmas – Tejeda – Maspalomas)

Accommodation+Airport transfer+Car hire+Hiking+Picnic+Transfers+Wine taste + INFO

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THE 100 VALLEYS’ ISLAND (Agüimes – Tejeda – Las Palmas)

Accommodation+Airport transfer+Car hire+Hiking+Picnic+Transfers + INFO

Copia Casas Rurales de Guayadeque Reducida


Accommodation+Airport transfer+Car hire+Hiking+Picnic+Transfers+Wine taste + INFO


Hiking on the Continent Island (Accommodation in Maspalomas)

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Ruta del Volcán y el vino


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Ciclistas en el confital


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BLOG WALKinGranCanaria

Blog Yulia Makeeva

My trip to Gran Canaria (By Yulia Makeeva)

Hiking with 2-years old baby and “WALK in Gran Canaria” This year we had great experience of hiking with our 2 year old boy. …

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“When I thought that Las Canteras Beach had finished I realized that I could keep walking following a promenade that enters on the …

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Escultura de Lolita Pluma

Who is Lolita Pluma?

Si hay un personaje conocido y querido en Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, esa fue la entrañable “Lolita Pluma”, una musa de lo …

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Caldera de Tejeda

It’s 6 p.m. and I am walking on the edge of the Caldera de Tejeda. In front of me I can see the …

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Mercado del Puerto con Tartana

Mercado del Puerto, good food, cheerful atmosphere in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

The local markets become a reflection of the places where they are located. On the markets we learn about local people, their behavior …

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Risco Caido

Artenara and the Risco Caido

A group of Walk in Gran Canaria friends and collaborators visited recently Artenara, the highest municipality of Gran Canaria, and the Risco Caido …

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The Balneario de Azuaje

The Balneario de Azuaje is today an old building in ruins, a perfect plateau to film an adventures or historical movie. But, long …

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Feel the fascinating Gran Canaria!

Walk in Gran Canaria  proposes to the people preparing their trip to Gran Canaria a tool to organise the most exciting way to discover this Island. We offer:

  • Holiday Packages

  • Dayly Walking Routes

  • Accommodation in charming hotels and Rural Houses in Gran Canaria.

Walk in Gran Canaria is managed by Samsara Tours, an experienced local travel agency whose goal is to offer unique experiences in Gran Canaria.

The inner Gran Canaria is fascinating, an Island full with surprices: different sceneries, endemic plants, varied microclimates, unique ecosystems and little villages living in harmony with nature. Gran Canaria has been called the Continent Island, a place with enormous variety and constrasts due to the orography and microclimates, in that sence Gran Canaria is unique. With the walk in Gran Canaria programs you will discover unexplored places on the Island, full with charm and beauty.

Our Holiday Packages combine accommodation in special places (for the architecture or location), with walking routes to the most beautiful places of the Island. The Walk in Gran Canaria Holiday Packages can be tailormaded to your requests and wishes in order to guarantee an anforgetable experience in Gran Canaria.

Walk in Gran Canaria offers you Dayly Guided Walking Routes (Mondays to Fridays) to the most beautiful places of the Island. Our route coordinators are experts in Gran Canaria geography, flora, fauna, etc. The Walk in Gran Canaria dayly walking routes offer a great variaety: the hidden valley of Azuaje, the spectacular Caldera de Tejeda, the enchanted forest of the way to Valsendero, the feeling of been on the botton of an crater.....

Walk in Gran Canaria promotes the sostainable development of the rural areas of Gran Canaria in order to preserve its future and the enjoyment of the locals and visitors.

Let Gran Canaria seduce you!